Mat Olson is Rich bitch

A text came in a few days ago saying "Mat Olson won". 2 grand later he was celebrating his dirt jump comp win at a Colorado bar/bike shop. First off I was excited for him cause he loves to ride and really could use some cash. He has lost his teeth plenty of times and really enjoys a beverage or two. Second off Mat is awesome, so hell ya Mat, congrats. So after watching the video I saw some some steep take offs, some dirty landings, red pony tail, tailwhips, a very red ramp, mountain bike dude landing on his head, and Mat Olson winning. All of this and the BAR/BIKE shop put it on. Love that combo. -Chad d Don't forget to follow Plus Size BMX, they are awesome, that is all you need to know...get them, get sum. Dont 2011 Road 34 Jump Jam from PlusSizeBMX on Vimeo.

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