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START-Shows. Go to shows. Are you going to that show? What show? When is it and who? Why are they there? Can you get me in? BMX man, its all BMX BRO. Mat Olson has been kicking it on the show tip, jumping over the principal, doing the open loop at the Texas fair, getting it done in between in Lake Havasu at the new park as well. Casselberry crew hit up the RV to Texas Toast and put together this edit, grabbed a few clips with Chad D as well. 4 year anniversary at Mr. B's is going to be nuts, Deco give away as well and free food and drinks. DAMN SON. Adam LZ frame give away winner received a Tom Villarreal LIFTED frame in Potent purple. Tsutomu wins...hell yes. Coplon on that gap. With the holidays coming up, stay tuned to the online store SHOP tab for leather wallets, new samples being offered to the public, amazing new beanies, new trucker hats, and the best shit ever...the 3 color rasta and USA grips will be here soon. Get some sleep, ride your bike, go somewhere warm, make memories and make it count. END-Chad D
Mat Olson has been doing shows all year but that didn't stop him from teaming up with Jeremie Infelise to show you what the hell he is up to, and its going to drop your jaw. With a few clips of Morgan Wade from the state fair to the pump track which he made for his buddy he is showing you the good times on a bike and what you can do for the love of BMX to the bone. Cheers for this one, damn...incredible. Love you man and what you do... -Chad D Mat Olson DecoBMX 2013 from DecoBMX on Vimeo. The Pay Attention boys took a trip in the RV to Austin Texas with stops in tallahassee, Baton Rouge, Houston, Austin, New Orleans, and Apopka. Jeff Hunnicutt, Austin Hunnicutt, Trey Jones, Forest Leeper, Chris Kasek, and James Covington hit the road and met up with Erk, Colt Fake, and Chad DeGroot. We just documented the madness that was the trip. Thanks to everyone that hung out, showed us spots, bought us drinks, or supported us in some way. Thanks to the crew that put together Texas Toast 2013 Pay Attention! Texas Toasted bmx trip from Native Bikes on Vimeo. Its always good to take the principal out in front of the school and jump over him, Mat Olson doing it well, with plenty of clearance. Mat Olson Jump over the principal You like Gravy, Bad Santa, and a 4 year anniversary? Save this date Saturday November 23rd if your anywhere near Mr. B's in Longwood Florida. Mr-4-year-flyer Thanks to Santuary BMX for the love on their home page...hell yes Santuary and Deco. Chad D mix switch on the back wheel just before the PGA demo on some pavers at the country club. Chad pivot PGA show And the winner of the Decobmx Tom Villarreal "Lifted" frame is.... ANGELO CRESPO!!!!! Huge thanks to Deco for helping me do this, and thank you to everyone that entered! This was awesome, hopefully there will be more give aways in the near future 1426320_453146901456704_228318702_n We have a winner congrats to TSUTOMU for the win and kicking a lot of ass. He just finished filming unseen clips for the Baco bluray coming out early 2014. Damn. 1000320_687106897974878_1750391669_n Chad D doing the one handed one footed backwards manual. Chad one handed back mannie
Serious rail toof hanger in Lake Havasu. Expect to see a lot of this park for good reason...Mat Mat Olson Are you serious, look at that place...damn
Matt Coplon never letting down with pics for updates...this time
Coplon ledge gap to road
Original design Deco. stickers are on the way to...keep posted...included with all orders. These are BAD AZZ.
Deco original sticker
Moments of ZEN roachDeaner

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