Mat up to Bat, Grips, Athens, Deco sighting, Lifted, Facebook, Boobies, and NEW TEE

This weeks post is incredible, from Mat Olsons clip to boobies, and everything in between. There is crawfish, featured set up, trails, Athens reminder, Chad DeGroot signature tattoo, why to buy Deco grips, and the Deco sighting of the week. Sit  back, crack one open, and sip on this syrup...Your welcome. Deco. -Chad D Mat Olson serious gap to fence ride, spanked it so HIGH on that fence. Ya Buddy. Check out our updated STORE, hit it up, if we don't have it, holla our way to see when we will or where else to get it...thanks. Is this above ben hucke? In Florida? Get up HEEEEAW for a yanky wanky good time. Jacksonville locals all need a reality show. Stop by and see what goes on with a city approved trails. Can't burn dirt can you? This isn't about crawfish, river roaches, or mud bugs. Its about this sweet fucking tee that profile did. Get one and get some, they will make you do crank arm grinds and suck the head. I have been getting messages after responses like this below. People are fucked. Gonna fuck with you if your fucked, remember that. New Deco. t-shirt is being made right meow, its all fucked up and you should get one. We also make 2x sizes for you filled out folks. Pic coming soon. Just saying were still doing tees that will either get you laid or get you in a fight. This one will do both, so you can thank me for that.   Japan doesn't stop being wild, got this one the other day and its amazing...want this in my backyard shooting almond milk out of these tities. What kind of bee makes milk? A boobee dumbass. Another reason to ride Deco. logo the link below to see some smooth ass riding.   Another fine Deco sighting. Set up of the week, Dave. So smooth. This is happening this weekend...Athens is gonna burn down with hot sick and skid marks. Here it is, get it while its hot...or not.

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