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Maybe scroll down the see the moment of zen first so you can puke in your mouth. Then scroll back up to sit back and read what is on DEFGRIP interview with Chad D. Get excited Kerry Gatt is invited to Circle Of Balance in Japan later this year. I will be judging that son of a bitch, so start kissing some. Blinky comes through with a sweet edit and has some insane riding with , check it. Voodoo jam is done, check out my pics, not only bmx when your in the Big Easy, had a chance to get on a roof and more. Mat Olson is a winner. Mr. Filth doesn't let down with a whip on a hood. Holy shit, the Madera Cali edit is nuts, they all racked up points but  Josh really killed it...jesus. Matt hitting us with his never ending spots...and moment of Zen with meat glue? -Chad D Either click on the DEFGRIP LOGO or link to view Chad's NEW interview. It's edgy, its to the point, people get called like you have never read before. Kerry's mug for the COB in Japan later this year. It will be sweet not being the only fool with gray hair, I got you beat man.    
2012 Voodoo Jam was hugely responsible from Terry Adams and Scott O'brien with a ton of support from sponsors ranging from Red Bull, Freegun, and Deco. This event does not make money, it might break even, maybe. I say that cause a lot goes into this event including people flying in from all over the world with hopes of keeping flatland alive and supporting such a good event like Voodoo jam. The city alone is enough to make the trip, with the food, sights, and vast history. Never a dull moment on the streets of the French Quarter where you can walk to everything you need. You may see a dude in a bra, someone puking, live music, or street acts which all make up the feel of the Big Easy. We came to New Orleans for two reasons, 1st off to support flatland, 2nd for our overdue anniversary where the wife and me tied the knot months after Katrina hit. We love the food and non stop entertainment. Every corner is a photo. Every building has history. Every person has a story. Each day I tried to shoot some pics to give you a feel why New Orleans is amazing. Its to easy. From getting on the roof to running into people like Kris Dauchy, my camera couldn't keep up with all the pics I wanted to take. Thanks to all who supported this event and any bmx event in general. We all need to pool together and make our sport good with a fun appeal. Deco and James Covington made the trophies for the AM's which were made of real leather with Voodoo jam logo, Deco post, and multiple wood base. These came out amazing and will go to good homes, congrats you guys. Chad D HERE IS THE LINK TO THE HIGHLIGHT VIDEO
[gallery link="file" columns="5"] Congrats to Mat Olson for 2nd place and winner of best trick. More info coming soon... Mr. Filth checking in again with another sweet pic whip plant on this car. Most of the Madera team headed out to California a few weeks ago to soak up some early spring sun and ride their bikes. They went from Long Beach to Santa Barbara with a few stops in between. Check out Josh Eilken, Mike Hinkens, Sean Morr, and  and their take on some sweet Cali spots. Coplon is on fire, this kid gets it done. Weekly updates are no problems since he shreds daily all on no meat. Burn them veggies down, kill em and grill em. Thanks Matt and Profile Racing. Moment of Zen. This week there are two pics, the first one is something called meat glue, look it up. It bonds proteins together to make an art like substance which has no use for fat america. The second pic is a lady airing out her twat at voodoo jam on the balcony, spread for most of the jam it should be febreezy smelling now. But its hard to air out them rolls, hear there were 6 of them, six pack of fun for a lucky gentleman. When you get dressed in the morning you know you have underwear on or not. Then to relax and let flatland smells collide in your crotch...sounds like a vortex to me. Thanks for the support.

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