Mesh Skate Park is done, boo hoo

Almost 5 years at this location, tons of Baco's, tons of fun, way to much alcohol, not enough nudity...sad to say, it is done. Well if you hurry, you have till the 30th. That will be the last open riding day. I want to thank everyone who has ever supported Mesh or anything I have ever done. 5 years was a good haul, and if you add the years at Mission SP, well shit... I don't want to drag this out, but we are trying to accomodate the members and everyone with what is fair. Everything is for sale, the ramps, fixtures, the cockroaches and the snakes. There might still be a few rats as well. Stop by and get a deal. Or stop by and take all the ramps and start a park, shit I will help as much as possible. Don't be to worried, there will be another outdoor skatepark coming soon from the city. I was told it will be free. Sure as hell it won't live up to Mesh, but as you and I know, free is a pretty good word in BMX and skating. With that said, there will be a small shop coming soon. So the scene is gonna change, but it won't be gone. Thanks again to everyone, and piss off to the fuckers who spray painted the building or snuck in all these years. You all can suck it get bumps on your dicks. My email is if you want to ask me any questions...thanks again everyone. goingoutofbusinessnovembersessions

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