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Who made who? Who made what? Who makes what? Bunch of whos out there not making any sense who think they made sense. They just want to make cents cause if your not making dollars your not making sense. START-Deco got Mat a passport awhile ago and he hasn't used it till now, Mexico Mat we will call him. Tons of pics and video and that damn fufanu is nuts, I'll say it again. Tom keeps it fresh and you can to as easy as 1 2 3 so follow instructions to get some fresh gear. St. Pete chill style with Tom, Matt, and Chad. Profile Dog Days edit has been getting some serious compliments care of Mulville and Chad D at Woodward. Flatland style in St. Pete. Who make this post? Who makes posts? Make it happen, get up and get out and get it...whatever your IT is. END-Chad D
Got what it takes to "Keep It Fresh" like @TomVillarreal ? 1. Follow @decobmx09 @maderabmx @crooksncastles @BR4SSintl and BMX Videos by The Come Up. 2.Upload an original BMX or action packed / artistic depiction of your lifestyle interests 3. Tag all the brands in the picture and include #FRESHLIKETOM Winner's will be announced 9/27 - Get Fresh! Fresh like tom @tomvillarreal and @chaddegroot chilling and enjoying life beach style next to a chill peer pic by @matt_coplon and all @maderabmx @profile_racing involved here #bmx #decobmx TOM AND CHAD CHILL ST PETE INSTAGRAM FILTER Matt was hesitant about sending this pic over, mean muggin and shit...but to  tell you the truth its rad and thanks to Justin Butts for the snap. The Deco racing tee is only available through Dans Comp and a few left on the online SHOP. Profile: Dog Days at Woodward East with Mulville and Degroot. Profile: Dog Days at Woodward East with Mulville and Degroot. from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Found the @tomvillarreal gap and had to session it here with @matt_coplon with tuck style care of @profile_racing #decobmx #mattknowsdeco #bmx COPLON TV GAP INSTAGRAM FILTER Love this pic of @tomvillarreal and @chaddegroot by @matt_coplon doing it for @profile_racing and @decobmx09 @maderabmx so much style #tomknowsdeco #chadknowsdeco @duvin #lifeislifted TOM AND CHAD BUNNY HOP DUO ST PETE PIER 4PM. with Niles Harper and Matt Coplon 4PM. with Niles Harper and Matt Coplon from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Mat  Olson had this to say about his recent trip to Mexico, check out the vid and the fufanu is as nuts as it gets and scroll down to more pics and more words from Mat's mouth:
This trip was completely nuts. The first night I was there I got robbed and blackmailed from the police. We were invited to ride bikes through one of the oldest historic govt buildings in cuervnavaca. The contest was awesome. Everyone killed it. Our hotel was brand new. Bmxer's were the first in the pool and some were first to sleep in their beds. The fufanu on the quarter had to be my favorite moment. It went from almost dying from falling over, to being escorted away from the crowd because a guy was going to kill me. My bike almost landed on a few people. Needless to say they were pissed. i told them they shouldn't stand there. Come to find out there is a bit of a language barrier... Someone tossed me my bike, and after a wheel adjustment via my shoe... I fired it out. The next morning i was walking to get a newspaper, and i definitely ran across a structure fire. People were running everywhere. Overall an amazing trip. I would go back in a heartbeat. Thanks for my passport. Couldn't have gone without ya. I've got work to do son. Next year ima win that hoe -Mat Olson
2013 BMX Cuerna Style Highlights with MAT OLSON and crew 2013 BMX Cuerna Style Highlights - More BMX Videos photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 Dustin Grice roomed with Mat in Mexico and gave him the dirtiest bmx award...sit tight to hear the full story. dirty mat X foot chill style Chad DeGroot in st Pete pic by @matt_coplon and the good ride by @decobmx09 with new tees by @profile_racing and hat chilling by @duvin so check out @mrbikesnboards and #bmx #flatland and CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME MORE FRESHIES flatland pics of Chad CHAD X FOOT NOSE ST PETE
Last time I was riding on this spot I won the espn st Pete flat contest is 98, last win. Fresh off a broken foot but rode good. Also met Evel Knievel here and got his autograph. Also rocked a dick duster mustache that shocked everyone. Jimmy Levan jumped out if the course. Someone called Evel a pussy and he was pissed. And I saw a red head featured in playboy and talked to her for awhile after I recognized her. @profile_racing tee @decobmx09 everything @duvin hat @mrbikesnboards everything #bmx #decobmx #flatland #remember -Chad DeGroot
CHAD BACKYARD INSTAGRAM FILTER ESPN LOT Tom enjoying another fine day just steps from the beach and one hell of a sunset. TOM GAZING ST PETE Here are some more highlights from Mat Olson in Mexico from him We filmed a rad video intro for the comp inside the governors building. We are jumping out of his secretary's window! We went to a local park and I blew my tire. One of the locals " Isvan" helped me to ride the rest of the session by lending me his wheel. Locals are super cool. We have a gnarly group of riders down here. It's like the dew tour line up, so nuts. -Mat Olson photo 1 photo 3 photo 5 photo 2 photo 4 DEAL OF ALL DEALS GRAY SELF TITLED FRAME 20.5" TT WAS A DISPLAY SO IT WAS ASSEMBLED BUT NEVER RIDDEN EVEN ONCE...STEAL OF A DEAL AT $175 AND CHECK FOR MORE INFO AND PICS ON THE GRAY COLOR DISPLAY FRAME Chad D wants to know he is out there, so get excited, here is his schedule for the next two months...busy one. Buy him a beer...he is gonna need it. Schedule Your moments of ZEN

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