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Been a minute so here is some ketchup. Squeeze it out and enjoy. Be sure to check out and #decobmx and @decobmx and more. New frames out. Winners win. Space Bros. And more. No more writing just scroll down and have a great weekend all you bubs. -Chad D terryadamsbmx Stoked to take home the win today at the @aztecajambmx contest in Mexico City. This morning I woke up doubting myself. Then remembering that if you be yourself that you will always have better chances at winning anything in life. Congrats to @dombmx_ & @jwilliamp for taking 2nd and 3rd. Huge thank you to @donovanborjabmx for putting on such an amazing event. Also huge shout out to all the riders here in Mexico City for always having positive vibes. You guys are the reason I travel here! #beyourself #bmx Turndown for what @tbonds69 on fire ?: @nate.boudrieau_ Check out Chad D and the SpaceBrospodcasts episode #3 Jackpot V4 out in Japan and USA real soon...check the pics. And More specs CLICK HERE. Alejandro "AM" pegs are out now in 1.75" tapered to 1.5" and a quick 1.25" near the weld. @alejomarques Deco AM pegs Disponibles en 10 y 14mm Gris y Negro More info CLICK HERE Taylor bonds B+W Shot by @joshuven Ryan Torrance with some extension thanks Matt Coplon pic Upcoming events: InstaVids:

Another vid yanked down. No audio sorry. @terryadamsbmx ???#decobmx #bmx #pallets

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New learn here n holy shit @tbonds69 ??? ?: @benchoden #decobmx #bmx #mustache

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