Miami, 1st session, Genius ad, abubaca, no skatepark, new parts, so smooth

Since this is Mothers Day weekend I will start off with all you mothers out there...have a good one. All you non mothers have a good one to, why not? Baseballs not bmx, or I mean it the other way around. Try that out. I love surprises and this first pic was one of them, can't get enough of Japan memories. If you think something or some situation is creepy, get out of there. TA throws down his first session and treats us to a dialed link pulled in smooth fashion as Terry does. Kerry had an idea to do the 4 piece bars, we both agreed to make them USA made, some genius shit right there...check out the video ad for these playas coming real soon. Only available on our web store for now.  Also new is the Deco Racing tee in Red only, will be done next week and available at MR. B's, Dans comp, Pusher, and our online store for now. If your a shop get at me to get this limited run. Mat Olson hit us with an abubaca that went viral on our Facebook so we had to post it up here for you to see. Be like Mike, I know this edit is a few months old but its rad so skim down and check it out.  TA hit us with one of the smoothest links and ride outs stomping the pedals like you should. What do you do when the skatepark is closed? Hit the streets with Mulville for a lil O-town session. 15mm offset fuforks with or without 990 tabs and cable guides, Kraton 20 softer grips, red cables, 22mm mid bottom brackets, polished seatposts, cheetah seats, and best of  all the denim seats. DANG SON. Ya Mothers, there it is, have a good weekend and hit me with any questions and no more baseball tryouts...its bmx. -Chad D
Chad throwing the bars from an old school miami bars before COB in Japan late 2012 by instagram @rutgerpauw Chad also had this to say relating to riding flatland
Was riding flat today and this creepy dude drove up and asked what I was doing. My reply, WHY? He said he needs some yard work done. I said REALLY? This dude was real creepy and I was going to throw my bike at him but I looked at him and said I HAVE TWO BUSINESSES then he just drove away. One of the more weird interactions while riding flat. This is one, I have hundreds of weird ones, but this one is at the top of the list.
TA's first session with the sample frame, throwing it down. Check out the Kerry Gatt Genius bars ad and see more specs HERE Kerry Gatt Genius bars DECO BMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. NEW Deco racing tee coming real soon, red only sizes small-2xl on American Apparel. Can't find what  your looking for? Your local shop doesn't carry Deco? Try HERE. Mat Olson loose abubaca on the sign as seen on decobmx facebook I know this is 4 months old but its still rad...check the Mike Mike Meister: Colorado come Winter. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.   Terry making this look so smooth, slider to pegs to whip clean as it gets...and that TA frame isn't so bad...coming soon. When the skatepark is closed, and there is no indoor park what do you do? Get Mulville to sesh Otown...all pics by Mulville with Chad hitting to the streets... Wade Lajlar has been building a skatepark in Red Deer Alberta. While getting some free time to session a local park Brent Remley snapped a few pics of nightly sessions with Wade. By the look of these pics people are going to be pretty excited with this new built skatepark out of cement. AND your moments of ZEN  

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