Mike Meister new grind plus Crocs in Japan

Mike Meister is always up to something. His edits are always a treat to see, and you never know what is going to happen in them. Plus the music. This time he hit it good with some old clothing company track that was amazing. Get up on  that ass and slide down, sweet ass grind. Next is a vid from our distributor in Japan holding it down in Tokyo. They are making some moves with Crocs, seems like they are doing some kind of real shoes now? Either way, these guys rule and you need to know this. Lastly is a reminder for the Profile shop tour we are going on including Mike Meister, Chad DeGroot, and Matt Coplon. All supporting Deco. Hit us on our twitter, were a bit lonely over there and need some interesting topics to expand on. NEW GRIND??? from The Hateful Dead on Vimeo. Lastly our Deco. distributor in Japan sent this over, they are making moves with Crocs. Hell yes. Don't forget to check us out on the profile shop tour of the east coast. This is happening soon. Beer exhaust is going to be pouring out of that van. The new order will be here on the 25th and we will be shipping shortly after, check out some pics HERE ... HERE ... and HERE. We have a bunch of new products, colors, and the Deco. dudes will be holla'n.

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