Mike Meister Welcome

The first time I met Mike we were at Jomo Pro eating at Denny's and a tray of waters was sent over care of Mike. It was his treat. Since then he has visited Florida a few times and every time its been a treat. He makes riding look fun. Thanks for the support Mike, Deco has been hooking him up for awhile now... Matt Coplon, TM Profile Racing, welcomed him to the team and its quite fitting. He had this to say and I agree with him.
I was really looking forward to posting this up today. Hands down, Mike Meister is one of my favorite people to hang with as well as one of my favorite riders. He kills it on a bike, has a really good head on his shoulders, and is one of those people you can have a solid 4 hour conversation with an not get driven out. Looking forward to those long drives this summer with Mike on the next Profile trip. It’s been a real treat hooking him up the past couple years...welcome, officially, to the Profile family Mike!
Mike Meister Profile Welcome Edit from Profile Racing on Vimeo. HERE is another one of his creations. FuBars are only $50 and free shipping this week only...

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