Moment of zen, 71N, Halloween idea, Japan is nuts, Mat uprail, eat and easter bunny, and SHOW US YOUR DECO.

Sorry about the randomness of this post, our wordpress is acting up real bad and merging everything together. So look past that and check out our new post on what is up with , Mat going HAM,  Chad messing shit up, Japan doing nuts ass shit, some halloween yes or no?, and more random crap  you probably don't care about. So sit back for 3 minutes and let the Deco site put a smile in your mile. What does that mean? Bud does not make you weiser. Thanks.           Our Tumblr has been blowing up lately, maybe cause of this link below or cause we post boobs?                                   Mat said he ate easter bunny and went HAM on this scenic view in Arizona hippy town USA. Click this link or check the vids to see the making of a turntable bike. I love what Japan is doing. Chad's idea for halloween, that do you think?     This is coming up real soon. Be there. We will.                   Here is your moment of zen                     Do you want to show us your Deco? See anything with Deco on it, your bike, parts, t-shirt, sign, tattoo, or anything you make up, send it our way and were going to post it up and select a winner. Keep in mind that tattoos are pretty high up in rank. Send them to and we will announce the winner the end of this month. Below are some we gathered in the last few months.

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