More of the same, less of the more...

Slacking is not a word I use often but as you can see by these inconsistant posts slacker is more fitting. So here you go, an  overload of stuff you want and don't want to see. Take it, you want this. I have yet to read one of these this year. That is not bragging, I wish a copy would show up like they use to when I ran a skatepark. Then it goes into Red Bull, Photo Gallery, the NEW Deco. line, some flat trick everyone has seen before, then it all ends with a surprise...   This is going to be awesome. I am entered and I couldn't do it without Mike Andrews, who is entered as well. Ohh the brown juice will be flowing. I am pretty excited about this, just chill and see what cell phone pics are amazing, check the line up of photographers...dang This is IT...check it closely and you are seeing it right, its silver not chrome. Suck my Deco. Flatland on the Succubus. Look up what Succubus means... Here is your surprise...he he

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