Mr. B's 4 year anniversary RECAP and Thank You's

With over 350 people attending Mr. B's 4 year anniversary I would say it was incredible for everyone who hung out to ride, relax, eat, drink, film, take pics, and support the local scene here. Even Longwood's finest stopped by due to a complaint call, they didn't want to shut it down and they had to stop by and see what was going on, so thanks for being understanding that we are doing cool things and people are taking notice. With no indoor places to ride its up to us to make what we have better and DIY events and get everyone to help out and keep the scene going strong. Couldn't have been done without these sponsors: Deco BMX, GGSB, Red Bull, Shadow, Subrosa, PowerBar, Profile Racing, Markit Skateboards,  Vendetta grip tape, Space Station, Fit, S&M, Kink, Animal, Hurricane Wings. Thank you so much each and everyone that helped out, drove here, flew in, picked up trash, pushed some to do a trick, smiled, laughed, cooked, and gave a sh*t about what we do and our scene. -Chad D
A special thanks to: Chef Spence and crew, Eve pouring wine, Aaron on beer, Shadow crew bringing out the coffin, TJ Degroat for the mannie pad, Rob Nolli and Dave Mahoney for donating their Hurricane Wings gift cards for wings, Big Dave broccoli for passing out goods and the gravy fountain, Chris Kasek for endless hours of prep to make this happen, and everyone who pitched in to make it smooth and rad. With being 4 years strong 4 years long this scene is awesome. Get involved and lets make it better. Now to more good news of the Candyland Skatepark expansion, donations are starting soon, the city will not pay to expand but we can raise money and do this ourselves. Any ideas, thoughts, or companies who want to donate including Rob Dyrdek Foundation and Tony Hawk foundations? I will have more info for you soon including the design and Goal for donations we have to meet to start construction. So sit tight and know were working on this. Support local companies like: Deco BMX, Shadow, Subrosa, Banned, GGSB, Native BMXVendetta grip, Markit skateboards, Profile Racing, Red Bull OrlandoLuma, Hurricane Wings Other sponsors that donated: Fit, S&M, Kink, Animal Hit up these sites to see more pics, videos, and support our local scene: If you have pics, links, or anything you want to send over our way, we would love to see it. Also remember to hashtag #MR4YEAR on everything...thanks. Pics by Mr. B's, Adam LZ, Subrosa and Ryan Sher...and more. Mr_032Mr_005 Mr_020 1474452_462773957160665_743986455_n 1476642_462773797160681_1809077530_n 1461111_462772113827516_223058746_n 1450289_462772940494100_1410093018_n 1467280_462772943827433_337271995_n 1458487_462773787160682_789355890_n 1475916_462773283827399_2041351860_n 530497_462772923827435_346741644_nMr flirttin teeRed Bull n Mr BRed Bull tablesIMG_3666IMG_3669IMG_3670IMG_3674IMG_3684IMG_3686IMG_3689IMG_3690

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