Mr. B's skate wheels, Pizza, Closed Easter, and Jacksonville Trails

Remember the Mesh Skatepark wheels? Their back with Mr. B himself on them 50, 52, and 54mm white only $19.95.

Mr. B's will be Closed this Sunday for Easter. Sorry.

Unsponsored Skate Jam was pretty sweet cept the rain that hit us toward the end. Woops. The next day Thanks to Vitamin Water and Specialty Pizza it was as much free pizza as you could stuff in, plus  more than a few left with full pies. Pete and the Unsponsored crew handed out plenty of decks, sunglasses, tees, and other items including subscriptions care of Transworld. Jacksonville gave the trails dudes a plot of land to build trails. Nice huh? Well they are going to let everyone know about them and throw a jam coming up soon, so hit it up and make plans to get up there. Click below for details.

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