Mr. Daily Dose

If you follow us on Facebook you would know we give you a Daily Dose of what we hear and do each day. Check them out and feel free to leave comments. Here was today's. Arrived late because I had to get a shop tool that mysteriously disappeared. River is full of questions, but at 14 years of age that is required. You should shut down and ride with me. Stop asking me questions. Hands are so greasy. Loosening and tightening spokes really doesn't feel much different. Someone save me, words and questions are hitting me like a bat to the head. I don't need a truing stand I'll just put it between my legs. I'm shit footed. He's weird. Tag me. I never post on vine. Did you see this. I can do... Do duck face with me. #candykids say its like a pro. Where is stups. River got kicked out for the day, kid needs a slap. Candy kids broke our door. What a day. Now I know why parents drink. Kicked out again, same kid. Twice, do the math. I see him pedaling around the parking lot like a vulture.

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