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My mind is playing tricks on me this week, what I thought was the BMX game isn't at all. Stop playing games and get  in the real game. That doesn't make sense at all, see I told you. START-Johnny Filth AKA Mr. Filth got it together with a ton of help to get this edit with...count them...13 candybars in true Filth Fashion on the streets. Coplon going organic on a tree and a wall. Eilken doing a gap backwards through a tree, I want to see this clip, where is it at? Count them TWO quick links from TA himself riding as smooth as I have ever seen. Restock of snapbacks in the USA and hitting Japan early next week. TA stickers are here and ready to ship if you want, do  you? 3 new swirl grips the Black and Yellows, Rasta 3 color, and USA 3 color grip samples are here and production will be posted up soon, shooting for end of the year. Kona  superman by Mat Olson. Chad spreads it for flat in the parking lot. Booty on headphones and in your ears. Blem deals you can't pass up, seriously. AND y our moment of Zen Jamco live show. Game on. CAR. Game on. No wait...CAAAARRRRRR. Have a labor free weekend and don't be weak in the END. -Chad D
Johnny Filth AKA MR. Filth keeping it filthy hitting you with his style, candy bars, peg wheelies, and at the sweet spots. Check out more on his TEAM PAGE Johnny Filth AKA Mr Filth GET DOWN for DecoBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Matt gets with nature again with this organic tree to bar trick at one shitty looking spot but Matt making it look good in that Deco Racing tee now available. Also the oppo tabes with a sweet face off the wall style with the TBR weekend warriors. Josh Eilken new Madera ad in DIG...check that fakie hop between the trees...dang son Check out Terry killing this whiplash combo. His signature TA frame is dropping soon. Look out! Restock of the snapbacks only at Profile Distro, Decade in Japan, and direct. Want these or  your a shop, lets make it happen. The stickers that come on the TA frame. Ohh hhheeeeaw. These are available on the SHOP as well, that big one is awesome. The new swirl grips in USA colors, Black n Yellow, and Red n Yellow n Green coming at you soon. Mat Olson superman at Kona in Jacksonville Florida into the snake run, no snakes this day. Pic by: James Covington Chad D with a split leg one handed leg scoot link 8am session while the grips hold on. Here's Terry killing another combo today. Order some headphones and check out Terry's better half  here Occasionally you get a steal of a deal at our expense so check out our SHOP and check back often, there is a deal on there you can't pass up and its a shame its just a scratch you will scratch on the drop down items to see them all and read descriptions for more details. Your moments of ZEN Chad D and Jamco only live performance ever.

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