Mr. Filth, DECO neck tattoo, Chad whip, Genius, PC pegs, footplant, QBMX, Mike Meister edit, USA

What if you believed in something and thought it was a he but then someone told you it was a she? Little confusing right? He could be a she and vice versa right? Maybe in  your mind if you think so hard... So to start we got Mike up in HEEEAAAW with a legit job killer in the name of DECO. USA grips in 3 color swirl coming at cha. Mr. Filth is at it again, love when he is road tripping with his dude Tommy who shoots the best pics. Chad whipping the hell out of Woodward. TA frames are done, take a peek. Matt is spread, TA is spread, TV is spread, take a look at their pics. Mike Meister shredding it as always, take a few looks at this edit. Tom and Justin Butts getting the right pics. Tremaine hitting you with a cell edit, so dialed. Genius bars and PC pegs coming at you, check them out below. Get it for him or her or whatever you want to call it...get up and call it dance dance...make it rain. -Chad D
Mike Nicholson doing it for DECO, anyone wanna top this? #decobmx #decoshocka #necklife Another new 3 color first the USA colors of the Deco logo grips coming soon. Mr. Filth taking in a bowl session with some dubs pegs on the shallow steep end... ?#?johnnyknowsdeco? Chad D down whip at Woodward2013 shot by Matt Coplon This pic was just sent from the factory, TA frames are being boxed up and shipped early next week towards the USA. So middle September is when they will be available. If you want to prebook them or hit up your local shop or where you buy your parts from. Having problems? Get at me and I will arrange your dealer to have one ready or get you taken care of. Thanks. TA Terry Adams signature frame in Silver or Black 18.9" TT or 19.5" TT. More info and pics HERE and check out TA himself HERE. Coplon airing out his crotch spread eagle get up and down and get your eagle on footplant style...ya bubs What if you were walking by a store and your picture took up two whole windows? TA in the front window and straight chilling style pics.
@tomvillarreal shredding and back up on it #lifeislifted #decobmx #tomknowsdeco #florideco Tommy at WWW.IRIEAZPHOTO.COM sent over a few pics of Johnny Filth or Mr. Filth himself and this one caught my good. Follow Filth and Irieaz. Newest from Mike Meister, amazing and tech savvy as usual...hell ya. #mikeknowsdeco Mike Meister from Anton Zamora on Vimeo. Good to see Tom back on his game. Sweet and stylie tire slide on the ledge and spread tuck no hander. Justin Butts getting some pics of TV.

4 Piece GENIUS Bars

USA born and raised these 4 piece babies bring out your roots and show your pride. Master Gatt brought these to life…so feel like a GENIUS when you ride these. What is better than 2? easy answer, double down and put 4. There is no gambling problem with these, do the math. 28 wide 8.5 rise Up sweep 3 Back sweep 9 Strait gauge .065 with a 3/4 x .049 crossbar USA made tubing Weight: 2 lbs. painted Colors: Black or Raw Dawg MSRP $69.99 You don’t want to piss off the man, specially when his bike has no ACTION BARS. Good thing Deco has stepped it up and added a PC sleeve over an alloy peg. Grind everything likes its covered with wax or grease. Keep it greasy and don’t stress when they wear down, replaceable sleeves put you back in the ACTION. -6061 Alloy 4" body 2.3 oz. Diameter 30mm outside -PC plastic 4" sleeve 1.5 oz. Diameter 38mm outside -Total weight of both 3.8 oz. -14mm hole with 10mm-14mm adaptor included -17mm or 19mm socket compatible Peg combo sold individually or as singles. Sleeves sold as singles for replacement also. MSRP $16.99 Replacement PC sleeve $4.99 Tremaine Stewart's new cellphone edit is pretty dope...check it HERE is the Woodward photos from Profile  week at camp shot by Matt Coplon...check it out and check back often to the site. Moments of ZEN

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