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With Deco kicking so much ass in 2013 we are proud to show off every little bit that is going down with Deco and the Team. This post isn't for the dropout or hater. Actually if your reading this your interested in what is up for this week or your a spy. Either way welcome to this weeks post, packed to the gills as usual. Comment below, talk tough, talk sh*t, or just hit me up direct to answer all your questions or just to submit a pic or idea. Getting started Tsutomu absolutely killed Voodoo Jam taking the win on the Succubus Lite sample frame which will be released in about a month. Check out all the coverage including highlights video which will give you chills. MSN tracked down Tom V and did a behind the scenes on the 360 while being chased by security. Incredible and he landed as perfect as it gets. Have to click on that link to see the vid.  GENIUS bars are in stock both colors RIGHT NOW. But let me tell you this, they are USA made so to keep them affordable we have to sell direct from our SHOP tab at the top. If we went through dealers or even distros they would be very expensive. I am trying to work on this price to make them available to shops, but for now hit our SHOP out. Wade hitting you with his Florida trip edit. TA getting deep in a podcast with MTV 16 and pregs star. Profile released their new ad featuring Matt Coplon blasting a tuck out of a wall. Chad riding a pool. Wade Lajlar and crew put out a full length edit from Milwaukee to Florida and back. Really good, so take a look. Scroll past the Moments of Zen to see the full breakdown of the Voodoo Jam. -Chad D
Congrats to Tsutomu for winning 2013 Voodoo Jam in New Orleans. Riding the Succubus Lite frame and FuBars. Check out more on his TEAM PAGE. AND check out the RED BULL/FAT TONY link to see some legit pics from the event. Also on ALLI sports there is a video and more write up that is pretty dope. VooDoo Jam 2013 | Highlights from robpossible on Vimeo. GENIUS bars are available in both Black or Raw USA made and only available HERE. To check out more info and pics click HERE. Check out the Flatland Fracas event less than 7 weeks away...more info check the flyer or go HERE on their Facebook page to see the sponsors and info... This winter I flew down to Milwaukee to meet up with Micah Kranz to do some shows and get back to 100% after my back injury last August. Out of the grace of his heart and green on his mind Micah sent Robby Routley, Nik Muryn, and Myself down to Florida with a trailer full of ramps, bikes, mini dirt bikes, and a bag full of camera gear. We spent about a month tripping around Florida, meeting some of the best people and riding some of the best spots and not to mention the amazing weather. Thank you to all the people who made this trip possible and all the great people along the way!! Hope you enjoy the video .. -Wade Lajlar Wade Lajlar's winter in Florida from wade lajlar on Vimeo. From Milwaukee to Florida and Back with a VX2000 (Full length edit) from wade lajlar on Vimeo. Saw this on Tsutomu Facebook and had to show it good. And if you see this trick in person you would know how wild it is, he makes it look so stylie. Check the Main Banner, this will be up for awhile. Chad DeGroot getting a pool session before the rain. Nose pick the deep end. Boned right into it.  Pic By: Coplon Coplon weekender getting the new Profile Racing ad, congrats.

  TA just sent this over to me, his real interview gets started at the 8 minute mark. If you have some time listen to all of this. This is why I am a fan of Terry and support what he does. He is really into it and wants flatland and bmx to be cool and get out there. It does take work, which he does, and this interview with MTV star Maci Bookout shows you a few things you probably didn't know about TA. Enjoy.
I recently did a podcast interview for MTV star Maci Bookout's "Kewlest Chic" podcast.-Terry Adams
Or follow her on instagram @macideshanebookout and be one of her 1 million followers.
Filmed over the last couple months (March through May), getting as much outdoor living in as possible before Hurricane Season starts. As I post this, its rained for two days with five more projected ahead. Indoors, here we go. Clips by Matt Arnold, David Gibson, Travis Reavis, Niles Harper, Scott Ehlert, Dirk Griewahn, Chad Degroot, Matt Coplon, and Mark Mulville. Enjoy. TBR: Monsoon Season. from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Red Bull's #rideandseek was in town and Chad D had the pleasure of meeting up with the crew at the Maitland trannies, most famous spot, and chill for part of the day. They have it right, locked up a bike and tweeted the code and you have to find it and get a free bike care of Verde. Garrett also gave away a full parts package care of Fiend. Giving to our scene here in Orlando, now we just need an indoor skatepark cause it rains here every day. Support BMX in your own way... Go subscribe to the Red Bull youtube page and see episodes coming out in September. -Chad D Your Moments of Zen And more on Voodoo Jam press release from Fat Tony BMX and Voodoo Jam

2013 Flatland Voodoo Jam Results and Recap

Japanese riders take New Orleans by storm and walk away with the top three spots.

  The seventh installment of the premiere flatland event in the U.S. went down this past Saturday in New Orleans. The Flatland Voodoo jam is organized by Louisiana natives Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams, and with 34 pro riders representing 11 countries; this year’s competition was no doubt the best yet. The weekend-long celebration of friendships and BMX kicked off on Friday afternoon with the official pre-jam at a local community park where Jeremy Jones won the veteran class competition. The surrounding residents were in shock as hundreds of riders infiltrated their unsuspecting neighborhood and overtook the park for an amazing afternoon of riding and catching up with old and new friends from around the world. Saturday’s events started off early in the morning with nearly 40 amateur riders competing for top honors. After each of the 10 finalists completed their two minute run Patrick Ras out of Czech Republic walked away victorious with the U.S.’ Steve Jordan and Todd Carter coming in second and third, respectively. Once the pro contest began, it was an all out brawl to see who would make it into the 14-man elimination style final battles. Everyone in the pro class knew they had to throw down near-flawless runs filled with their most difficult tricks if they had any chance of cracking into the top few spots. The energy of the roaring crowd inside the packed nightclub fueled the riders as the battles ensued. One by one riders were taken out of the equation until only two riders remained. The final battle to see who would be crowned the Voodoo Jam champion pitted Tsutomu Kitayama against his fellow countryman Hiroya Morisaki in an epic fight to the finish. The fans were on their toes as the two went back and forth, pulling their most difficult links. As the final seconds on the clock counted down, pro riders were jumping around on the contest floor cheering them on as they landed their last combos. When the winner was announced, it was Tsutomu who climbed on top of the podium as Hiroya stood beside him in the second place spot and their fellow Japanese comrade Yohei Uchino took to the remaining pedestal. The 2013 Flatland Voodoo Jam is proudly sponsored by: Red Bull, Dan’s Comp, Freegun Underwear, Headrush, Odyssey, Deco, The Byke Project, Flatland Fuel, Diversion TV, Monolithic, #Pralex, Aspire To Inspire Clothing, and Neue Creative. Breakdown of Final Battles   Round 1 Battle 1: Alex Jumelin won vs. Takuya Higa Battle 2: Dominik Nekolny won vs. Terry Adams Battle 3: Tsutomu Kitayama won vs. Jean-William Prevost Battle 4: Hiroya Morisaki won vs. Viki Gomez Battle 5: Matt Wilhelm won vs. William Perez Battle 6: Yohei Uchino won vs. Jean-Francois Boulianne Round 2 Battle 7: Alex Jumelin won vs. Matthias Dandois Battle 8: Tsutomu Kitayama won vs. Dominik Nekolny Battle 9: Hiroya Morisaki won vs. Moto Sasaki Battle 10: Yohei Uchino won vs. Matt Wilhelm Round 3 Battle 11: Tsutomu Kitayama won vs. Alex Jumelin Battle 12: Hiroya Morisaki won vs. Yohei Uchino Round 4 Battle 13: Yohei Uchino won vs. Alex Jumelin (for 3rd place) Battle 14: Tsutomu Kitayama won vs. Hiroya Morisaki (for the championship) Pro Final Results: 1. Tsutomu Kitayama (JAP) 2. Hiroya Morisaki (JAP) 3. Yohei "Ucchie" Uchino (JAP) 4. Alex Jumelin (FRA) 5. Matthias Dandois  (FRA) 6. Moto Sasaki (JAP) 7. Matt Wilhelm (USA) 8. Dominik Nekolny (CZE) 9. Viki Gomez (SPN) 10. Takuya Higa (JAP) 11. Jean-Francois Boulianne (CAN) 12. Terry Adams (USA) 13. Jean-William Prevost (CAN) 14. William Perez (PER)

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