My mom found out about my DUI and just called me to come home. I just took acid like 30 min ago. What should i do?

"I was taking a piss and started puking. I pissed myself and made a mess in the bathroom. Passed out, then got up and went back out from 11pm to 5am" "I'm half single", "Please tell me it's the bottom half" "I'm peeing chunks and puking liquid" "i woke up with two citations stapled to my shirt" This site is awesome. We all have done it, sent a text and its to late to get it back. This next video is a HUGE ginormous breasted lady crushing shit with her tits... America's Got Talent - Free videos are just a click away geezerbutler Come out to Mesh Skatepark and ride with some crazy English folk, the locals to... zeal/mesh night

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