My speech to the city of Longwood

On June 21st I gave my speech at a meeting open to the public for the city of Longwood. If you have any ideas, donations, or questions, please contact me There are city meetings that they will not tell you about that are open to the public. We need to find out about these and push the public skatepark in Longwood. This is my speech to the city. I was only able to say the first half, but I did turn in a copy for the panel to read:
First off I would like to say happy holidays, today is National Go Skateboarding day. My name is Chad DeGroot, and I want to thank you for letting me say a few things. On behalf of the youth of today and the youthful older participants, I want to introduce myself and why a  completed SkatePark would benefit longwood. Being a BMX biker and sponsored professional for over 20 years and owning a skatepark in Longwood for almost 10 years. This has given me experience to help with this project and planning. Joe Dorso and Patrice Murphy have given me guidance to contact the right channels to get this skatepark in motion. I am willing to donate my time, money, and knowledge to move forward. This petition was started with regards to a public skatepark designated specifically built for  the use of BMX bicycles and Skateboards. These sports are rapidly growing and are almost as popular as mainstream  sports such as baseball and football. With almost 11 million participants in the US alone riding bicycles and skateboarding gives the youth of today an alternate sport outside of  the “Team”  sanctioned  sports. Riding and skating also helps keep kids occupied with something to strive for rather than getting in trouble and breaking laws. Thousands of towns across the country have parks like these, but the City of Longwood does not. My question to you is “what will it  take to finish this park OR get it up and running on the tennis or basketball courts” already provided in Reiter park? Some ideas to help -open from sunrise to sundown, gate will lock by a policeman or volunteer -fenced in area devoted for the skatepark with hours and rules posted -open to the public and free -Sponsors? for upkeep and improvements -Event organizer plus fundraisers for other city events and promotions -Donations have been coming in to Mr. Bikes n Boards, need to set start up costs -Fundraisers will be set up with the City of Longwood skatepark support -Donations with brick pavers with company names etched on them Next steps: Get Local newspapers and media involved,Tony Hawk foundation,Fundraisers and donation drives with local businesses Figure out start up costs, running costs, future expansion or changes? Statistics: Safer than basketball or baseball Over 2000 city parks in the US right now and 300 under construction 11 million skaters and bmx bikers and rising Safe place to ride bikes and skateboards and hold events for the  youth

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