New pics and Springer

Mat Olson is living it up doing school shows for awhile. Most people don't think living it up is doing weird shows for bratty school kids, but if you are getting a few bucks, traveling, and riding your bike for people, I really don't think that is to bad. So if you know Mat and crew are coming to your school, scream "do a backflip" the whole time they are performing. They really like that shit. The pics below are all of Mat sessioning the Casselberry trails and around Orlando. It was a must to bring him to the Maitland trannies and witness him doing the highest airs and even more than a few flairs on the steep trannies. Hit this LINK to see the video. ESPN recently did a story on "the various ways that other BMXers have made the jump from riding into television. Starting with Chad Degroot's appearance on The Jerry Springer show and ending with Strangers in Danger, this is a small sampling of BMXers turned TV personalities. Enjoy." HERE is the tab and launch the gallery to see the 1st pic of guess who?Mat Olson doing the flair almost like in a cement half pipe care of photo shop. Here is the real version, still crazy if you have ever been there. Super Whip on his favorite set. Casselberry trails season is almost upon us. Mat calls this one the "Tree Frog". Your gonna have to ask him why. Its pretty unreal to do a tuck nothing...shit man. Almost RIP Vans Skatepark in Orlando. Its still around for now and I suggest you get as many sessions here as possible. Mat doing a tuck on the mini in the back.

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