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Today is Halloween and I have yet to lock a solid costume down. What is wrong with me? This is my favorite holiday for good reasons. So with that said I hope everyone has a safe one tonight and send over some pics of  you or your costumes.  Speaking of what you need, all the NEW stuff is here and ready to ship. Check the pics below and click on all of them to enlarge in case you need it bigger, bigger is better right? Justin Butts is filming for the their crew with the 1228 edit which I thought was legit and good to see this crew making moves. The Come Up TV has a legit interview with Chad, and Matt, a must see. See all the product pics and make sure to be nice so Santa brings them to you for Xmas. Mike Meister checks in with a solid peace sign and a flattie. Ricardo Laguna hit us with a write up of the Pro Dirt tournament that just happenend. Banned in the Backyard is going HAM so hit the facebook to see the teaser and pics of what 30 loads of clay looks like with it being surrounded by pallets. December 8th is the date, save it, make it there. Leather seats are legit, in stock, and ready to tongue bath or do what ever you want with them...maybe just ride them. Thanks for the support everyone and stay safe. -Chad D
    Can't find what you need? I CAN HELP. Deco BMX is a Bike Manufacture, they sponsor a friend of mine, Mat Olson. if you are into biking, i suggest you check them out. they are a great company check out the links i am providing! -Joey Mena

The Come Up TV: Matt Coplon, Chad Degroot  for Profile & Madera BMX @ Interbike 2012

Click the images below to see a larger view of our NEW products we just got in stock and ready for ya. Thanks for the support everyone. What up Dawg? Mike Meister checked in with a legit peace sign and blasting a down table. Ya ya. Love it.

Recap - The Ricardo Laguna Pro Dirt Challenge in Lake Havasu, AZ Oct. 27, 2012

I've never been to a city where the community came together so quickly and easily to make an event possible, but that's how things are in Lake Havasu, AZ. This past weekend, countless people and organizations donated their time and resources 100% pro bono, united towards the goal of raising money for Tinnell Memorial Sports Park - a skate & BMX park to be built in honor of Patrick Tinnell, a BMXer and member of the armed forces who lost his life serving our country. On Oct. 27, at Sara Park Rodeo Grounds in Lake Havasu, spectators had the chance to not only support the building of the new sports park, but to participate in raffles, enjoy delicious food and drinks, check out local vendors and listen to music while watching the dirt competition, announced in style by industry veteran Fat Tony. Riders from as far as Hungary came to town to compete in Pro and Amateur contests. One of the coolest things I've ever seen - a dad, Slayer (Casey Joyce) competing in the Pro comp following his son Colin's appearance in the Amateur comp. I love seeing the next chapter unfold, like any traditional sport where the dad dreams of playing baseball or basketball along with his son. To put the icing on the cake, to have kids come up to me and say they want to continue riding after being a part of this event and trying to keep dirt alive - one of the many reasons why I continue to do this. During the pro contest, a Cindarella story happened with Dustin Grice who got first place after qualifying last place, Colton Satterfield showed us that you can do the craziest trick no matter where you are. Josh Hult clearly wasn't tired after driving over 14 hours to make the contest, showcasing double tail whips both directions and opposite back flips on the same run. Hungary's finest Danny Josa showed us both style and big tricks all while riding brakeless. Hometown riders Mat Olsen and Sam Stebila made finals with their own style of riding. I was glad to see AJ Anaya in finals with classic superman seat grabs, to corked out 720s and plenty more of his original tricks. One competitor that I really admire is Ben Voyles, who I just found out has been fighting through injuries plus cancer twice in the past 2 years. He threw down a textbook back flip bar spin to a tuck no hander to a 360 tuck and winding down his run with the biggest flip whip of the night. He's a true inspiration with his 2nd place finish that anything is possible no matter what life throws your way. I met Jake Levia when he came to my house, and when he did a backflip 180 over a spine, I knew this kid was serious. He came with unique tricks that were more than enough reason why he was in finals. When Victor Salazar was riding in practice, he destroyed the course with flawless runs, but after crashing and getting shaken up during the contest, couldn't quite put it together, but still was a crowd pleaser. With such great feedback and great support from the Tinnell Memorial Sports Park Committee and the city of Lake Havasu, we were able to raise over $15,000 for the Patrick Tinnell Memorial Skate Park. This is a huge step towards completing a venue for the kids to encourage their participation in sports, teach them positive values along with bike safety, and keep them away from drugs. After seeing a great success with this event, I'm excited to announce the Ricardo Laguna Pro Dirt Series - a 3 stop contest that will happen in 2013. The series begins with Extreme Thing on March 30, 2013 in Las Vegas, followed by another stop TBA and ending with the finals in Lake Havasu in Nov. 2013. I can't say thanks enough to everyone who came out and donated their time, resources and energy to make this event possible. Much thanks to sponsors DK Bicycles, TSG, Deco, Freegun Underwear, Hoffman Bikes, Sidewall Distribution, Mudshark Brewery, Profile Racing, Break Lube, It's a 10 Haircare, KNYEW, Woodward, Scion, DAK, Campbell Family and all of the resident of the city of Lake Havasu, AZ! Top 10 Pro Results 1. Dustin Grice 2. Ben Voyles 3. Danny Josa 4. Mat Olsen 5. Jake Levia 6. Sam Stabila 7. Josh Hult 8. Colton Satterfield 9. AJ Anaya 10. Victor Salazar Amateur Winner - Tyler Kowalski
This is looking to be nuts, the dudes are putting in some time on this and hit up Facebook Banned in the Backyard to see the teaser, pics, and more of Florida's finest. Love this pic of Mat Olson grind to whip in front of PusherBMX Coloradeco. Real leather party before the Deco. seats are made. This is how we come up with ideas and get our heads in the game. Just so you know. Moments of ZEN

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