No BMX today

When I posted this horrible tattoo on my twitter, I only received one comment. Guess who it was from and win a prize. No, it wasn't jesus or the devil. Hope that helps. Are they on Twitter? If you have a shitty tattoo, or if people think you have a shitty tattoo, send a pic over and we are going to give out a prize to the best and worst. We will post the good ones (that means the bad ones). battle I don't speak spanish, but if I did, this girl would be on my list to be banged out asap. albo Pointy tits were all the rage in the 70's, where did that shit go. You know any sets like this today, send them in and win a prize or at least a thank  you. And NO pointy dicks, dicks are not tits. Go find a gay cop on Twitter to send that to. 70's Lastly, are you a shop wanting to be an authorized dealer? Contact us. Can't find Deco. goods, Click HERE

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