photoshop is good, even if your bad at it + Funny human video and "have a fat chick sit on your face for awhile"

DeadlyHandsomeMen is a sweet video of wild dudes doing what they do. Pretty sure they are all drunk. The one guy folds himself in half on a picnic table. Human crashes trying to show off is a must see. Anyone good at photoshop out there? Send me some fucked up pics. Thanks e3no93f3j5h5a3s5hah2cvy87rv57psxiq79uib db5c52d5ksdqfcm6h0p1 aqlm5232wvm32k4mfy9q If you love fat chicks and want them to sit  on your face till you pass out, click this video...Not even sure if I could get my wife to do this. Shouldn't give her any ideas. Perigos_do_sexo_oral

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