Pics n stones

Every once in awhile there are some pics that get over looked. Here are a few that have been sitting on my desktop for awhile and needed to get used. If you have ever been to JoMo Pro or Joplin skatepark you might recongize the nicest dude ever, Chuck Dodge ripping it up. Then Ride does wallpaper shots that appeared in previous issues, Mat Olson doing a handplant out of a Colorado skatepark. The original Mission skatepark crew got together for a sweet wedding and we had a second to capture the whole crew before the alcohol kicked in. Lastly the required tit shot...meow. Chuck Dodge Rocking the Deco. Deche series slim seat and pivotal post. Backwards manuel to 360 hop out. Sequence by Mary Kaiser. Mat Olson handplant out from RideBMX scene report in Colorado. Wallpaper. Original Mission Skatepark Crew...what a shady bunch. How the hell can you get this many fools together? Lastly, here is a nice tit shot with a cat...meow

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