Profile New England Pt. 1, SPOT Roast, Bacon...and more.

Another long post. Were going to one a week now and it takes a whole week to read and go through it. Take it for Deco. So to start we have the Pt. 1 Profile New England trip. Not sure why you can't embed part 2, but that is the  come up doing their thing. Then we have some video as promo for the SPOT roast. Be there and get roasted.  There are some things happening in Florida, so hit up those flyers and come on out to the events going down. Then we are trying to make the bacon tee, what do you think? And lastly the newest Deco. tattoo. One more thing, were stupid so were selling grips for $0.01 on our online store. Skatepark of Tampa is putting on a BMX contest on Saturday, October 29, 2011. Here is some information on SPoT, the contest and Tampa. Mixed in are some good clips of a small portion of the locals in the area. Its going to be an awesome time! Check for all the updates. This web edit documents the first half of our New England Summer tour. What you will not see are the many cups of coffee/sweet tea consumed on the road. Nor the hours spent desperately searching for a hotel vacancy. And definitely not the daily criss-crossing through four states. You will, however, find some highlights of our travels through the lens of Tony Malouf. Thanks to the crew for coming together for a week. Thanks to mother nature for keeping the weather pristine. And special thanks to the shops and many locals who shared some really good sessions with us. Part two coming in a minute...enjoy. Filmed and Edited by: Tony Malouf Be sure to make it out to SPOT to have a Saturday session and get Roasted...Deco. will have some goods to show off. The first stop is done, but two more in this Florida series. If you have a chance hit up Stone Edge, still good as ever. Also, the Kona stop is a must, the longest running skatepark in America. Go America... Here is our new design for a Deco. tee just called "MEAT". Not sure if were going to come out with it or just tease you with raw bacon...mmmmmmmm. The Two By Four boys have had some time on their hands and decided to throw down some drinks and get some tats. Here is the Deco.  PC pedal. Looks great guys. Anyone else have Deco. Tats hit us up. Love to see them, or anything else that will shock us, send it over. Deco is everywhere, even on dumpsters. I wonder what could be filled in this?

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