Profile New England Trip

The Profile shop tour in the New England states was the best, but cut short since I had to return to reality. Great shops, amazing locals and riders, and a ton of people attended either the shop session or the skatepark sessions. Thanks to everyone including: Matt Coplon, Tony Cardona, Jeff K, Tony Malouf, Mark Mulville, Mike Meister, and Conall Keenan. Thanks to Vic and Circuit BMX, Tonys Bikes, Fat Trax, Daily Grind, Dick Maul's, and Eastern Border. We really didn't know which state we were in at any given time, but we showed up on time and road the shit out of everything in our way. Huge Thanks to Tony Malouf, he kept the crew raging day and night and the video will prove it. Sweet chilling with you. -Chad D Mike Meister rail hop to steps then quick bar quick vid Tony Cardona starting a grease fire with his hair. I found a comb in the street and he proceeded to slick his hair, then he got most of us with the comb to. Been feeling itchy ever since. Tony Malouf was our filmer and a good one at that. They had a weird rule in Nantucket that you had to drink out of a glass container instead of a can, when it rome.... After Bar food. Hot sick and faucet shits coming soon. I was originally trying to get Cardona to sleep here so he wouldn't be a nut, but them Jeff K started jumping on this and check the background...its jesus, see the beard and the white robe? Jesus Haven't seen Tony in awhile so we have to catch up with some smuggled shots as a night cap. First bar first night had bubble hockey, best game ever... Vic from Circuit BMX got handled the night we arrived. He later took my spot in the van cause I had to cut the trip short. Vic's trails are truly amazing. Thanks for the sesh... Always good eating dinner in a parking lot campfire style, good shit talking session. This car was parked at one of our hotels and filled with beer cans, almost like a recycle bin and it actually spilled over. I really like the shovel on the roof. The two gay dudes in the background didn't know what to think, either try and get with me or get without me. Cardona was a purple grip dick. If you see him throw some purp's on his bike and see what he does. I think he is color blind and thought they were pink only after he thought they were another color and put them on. Whats that condition when you change your mind every few seconds? Just hangin with the locals, this guy was on a street mission, in sandals no less. He must work out. This guy is pretty gay and I caught him sleeping on the job at this gay motel. Or maybe he was just day dreaming at night? So much sausage so many rooms. Then we peek out the window and this was a gift from the gods. Even had a little sun tan. Panera Bread has added some unique paintings, this one will make you really love a bread bowl and a jacked off bread stick with a dick nose and some tits you can tuck into your waist...horny yet? Fat Trax crew. We all look like dicks. Mike looks like he is going to crush something with his arms. Some of the spots were pretty unreal. I don't want to show you them all, but this one was pretty nuts and would be a good start to a video game spot. Mike Meister didn't wear a shirt much, well at least on his back, but he did throw down some 180 bars at height at Fat Trax gathering. Fully flexed muscles and no one fucks with you. Believe that son. Signing shirts will never get old. The bigger the marked and the if people sign before you make it an easy target to add "Fuck" above "Conall Keenan". These dudes were sweet. Heard one of the best compliments ever. I really can't repeat it cause it would crush a few teams egos. Thanks guys, compliment accepted. Not sure what is going on here but it felt right. This was my last night celebration with ten finger licking Mulville style and tons of PBR to wash the wing sass down...thanks to random dude for the shots to. Crew getting ready for T-Pain time. You guys dead? Here is the new line...check it out son

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