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  Florida is a Sunny place for shady people. Not all shady, and not always sunny. First vid is from Labor Day Jam from a different perspective. Real Props is back and on fire. Can't stop Mat Olson and his airs and follow him for info on his new adventure. We all have had our bikes stolen...or have we? Tsutomu 1st time...damn bike thieves suck. Coplon on that FDR freshness. Dope. Have a dope and funky fresh weekend and holla at #decobmx -Chad D So amazing that @realpropsbmx is coming back to life! This is #issue69 remember the @hoffmanbikes trip through Denver!? Ten years ago I made my first appearance in Props! I had just moved to Denver, living in the Jackson House, riding on a barrage of borrowed parts! Fast forward to #issue79 and you will see my 2nd appearance! I have an ad for my new Signature saddle from @decobmx ??? this is a culmination of my last ten years of my life coming together. What an honor. @terryadamsbmx I remember your bio so well! Crazy that we are now on the same team... you can pre order by hitting up @realpropsbmx matuptobatI am loving these shots from @thejeffbrockmeyer when I was visiting @woodwardcopper ?? Always a treat to have one of the best to do it behind the lease. Barely holding on with that left hand... If you can see the #type3 in the background then let's high 5 one day. I love my #Volkswagen. Check out my new page @aircooled_entertainment and keep an eye out for the square back box! Coming soon Tsutomu had his bike stolen recently...any news, help, or other to get this back would be awesome. matt_coplonHadn't ridden FDR in 14 years. I was shocked on arrival at all the additions: Heaven on earth. Took a couple runs before I switched to camera duty. Thanks to @dillonleeper for snapping this for me: this vert wall was a real treat. Finished up the second round of #maidenamericatour media material this weekend. Releasing on @digbmx real soon. Upcoming events:
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