Props Mega Tour 9 trailer

This is gonna be good, damn good. The trailer looks awesome and finally does some teasing like a good trailer should. We sucked it in Chicago and all over Wisconsin... You all need to wait a second till I get all my footage from this trip ready. Matt Coplon and myself were lucky enough to fly planes around downtown Chicago one day on this trip. If I had to sum it up, flying is fucking awesome and I really couldn't concentrate on bmx much. I fly planes n shit, woop woop. Don't count on seeing me do any riding at all, just flyin. I am sure is some stunts going down, but you won't see any from me. Props Megatour 9 Trailer from PropsBMX on Vimeo. Don't forget to sign up for the Mr. B's newsletter HERE Mile Rogoish was in town for a bit and picked up a new sponsor Subrosa. Sweet. What is sweeter is the end of this edit, he kindly put some representation in the rental car window...If you don't know, now you know Deco. Miles Rogoish- Subrosa from Subrosa Brand on Vimeo.

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