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Arrive 10 minutes early. Fill out all paperwork so now I'm still 5 minutes before my scheduled time. Sit for 45 minutes then get called back. Sitting in a room wondering if the doctor or nurses forgot about me. Should I ask? Should I leave? I'm here for a reason so I shouldn't leave. Still sitting in this room now for an hour. I can hear people outside the door moving around. Pacing in my room now. Have to wait it out. Driving me nuts. Loved to have an appointment time and they see you at that time. That would make sense to me. I think. This week makes so much sense so scroll it down and drop your jaw. Enjoy. -Chad D Mat Olson put on a show at Woodward Copper BMX camp. With some big tricks in the bowl and stylish runs at Frisco bike park it's safe to say Mat can slay any terrain in front of him. Video: Ian Macy Go To Camp Woodward: https://bit.ly/go2woodward Subscribe: http://bit.ly/subscribe2woodward Always exciting finding a new spot. @ryantorrancebmx with some hot hands and a whip to break in new territory properly. Pic by: Cory Schneider @coryschneider24 Link in the story swipe up bio. Super pumped on this vid. @pusher_bmx #pushermountaintrip @elevatedperspective did a killer job on this!!! Cheers!??#decobmx @matuptobat #pusherbmx Make plans for this...NOW. Riverwalk pocket loopback by Ryan Torrance also quoted as saying this is his best trick. Damn this is awesome and lookback is clicked. Pic by: Cory Schneider @coryschneider24 @matt_coplon Monday, July 17th. Bought time in between some brutal Florida showers. Struggled with this, but thanks to @scgsteve for the motivation and timing behind the lens. 30 tries and a jammed finger later. Congrats to @tsutomukitayama " I won G-SHOCK china battle xian step! Get trophy?" ???????????????? @yukipkoproject ? Thanks @gshock_china #decobmx dirtypawspottery•One of a kind• "Beer Stein" + 2 mugs. My boyfriend @ryantorrancebmx is a huge IPA fan & also has German beer steins at the house. He's been after me for a while to make a beer stein for him. For his birthday I gave him this set. ? His passion is being a professional BMX rider and @decobmx is his favorite company, and one he's proud to ride for. I thought that their logo would be a perfect accent piece on the stein. Red/Black are his colors: I went with Obsidian for the interior. Deep Firebrick is dipped over Cinnabar for a dimensional red. Now all that's missing is the IPA brewing in the closet to be done! ??? [If you like extreme sports check out both @ryantorrancebmx & @decobmx for some awesome videos! My man is unreal on a bicycle. "Screen grab from the #pushermountaintrip still on hype level 12 from our trip up to the mountains. What a great way to clear your mind and get back to basics. Thanks again @elevatedperspective for handling the movie box throughout the entire trip." @matuptobat InstaVids for this week:

Short front wheel combo #bmx #decobmx #video #gopro #caracas #jackpot @alejomarques

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Wait for it... @karlqpoynter on fire ? with this one ??#decobmx #bmx #bmxisfun

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