This week was an overload of emails and messages, most that didn't make sense, about getting a sponsor. I am honored you thought of DecoBMX for support but as I have said before you need to contact your local BMX shop and get involved with them or get the local bike shop carry bmx goods and help them spread the word and support our industry. Check out Dig magazine to see more on what to do and what to expect from bmx. Scroll down to what this one sponsor-me email went like...take note. START-Rays edit came out sweet, Tom Villarreal clocked some footage and killed that whole place but main focus on the park course for this new edit, Chad has a sweet clip in there to. Tsutomu is the new TEAM rider so check out his page, click the link below. Check out Chad's bike check on the QBPBMX site. Mat Olson road trip looked and seemed amazing, check out what his crew was up to for a few weeks. Coplon always getting down on the weekends with the hot spots in Tampa area...I am going down there soon to see this in person. Happy Birthday Hiroshi, so celebrate he put together a sample Succubus Lite. Click the PRODUCTS tab to see more on the specs and release date. Check out issue #190 page 68 with Matt Coplon and Chad DeGroot. Mat Olson ditch flair and TJ wild whipping nose pick variation. AND...your moments of Zen. -Chad D  
Don't forget to check out TSUTOMU KITAYAMA's TEAM PAGE right heeeeaww. CHECK OUT CHAD'S BIKE CHECK HERE http://qbpbmx.com/index.php/blog/comments/chad_degroots_bike_check QBP is another legit spot to get some Deco. products if your a shop. Get involved.
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I was asked to go on this trip by Morgan Wade during practice at the Extreme Thing event in Las Vegas. When he told me that it was a 10 day  trip starting in AZ going through Southern California, hitting up Woodward, Fresno, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Wichita Falls and back into Dallas.  We ran into some crazy weather traveling from cali into Nevada so we kinda just had to wing it due to snow and rain.  Havasu made for an excellent plan b. showing these guys all my spots that I grew up riding was a dream come true. We met up with my buddy San Stebila and he showed us some amazing hospitality. Thanks to Sam and Havasu Pest control for their generosity. We are now headed back through AZ to New Mexico tonight, and then onward to Texas. This has been such a productive trip, I can't even begin to pick a favorite spot. Huge Thanks to Morgan Wade, Chris Arriaga, Cory Foust, and Cameron Muilenburg. Having such a solid crew made for so many laughs and a ton of epic riding. I would also like to thank Headrush  brand and Morgan for putting this trip together, Deco bmx, Profile racing, Pusher bmx, Alienation, amd Merkem Goods for giving me the opportunity to ride an amazing set up while traveling, riding and meeting new people. -MAT OLSON
Florida is flat, Florida is Fat, but somehow Matt Coplon keeps finding spots like this sweet ditch sub and wedge cement gem. Hell yes. Happy Birthday to Hiroshi April 4th, to celebrate he put together a new ride...loving that color and the new Succubus lite stickers. Check out issue #190 page 68 with Matt Coplon and Chad DeGroot featured riding flat inside Mr. B's. FRONT WHEEL DECADES FOR DAYS. Your probably reading this late, but the Jax crew is doing some of the good bmx style up there. MAT OLSON WILD DITCH FLAIR WITH HEIGHT...DANG TJ DEGROAT CHECKING IN WITH A WILD ASS FOOT JAM. I GUESS HE HAS A FEW MORE OF THESE, SEAT GRAB AND MORE. AND YOUR MOMENTS OF ZEN
How to get sponsored? well learn from this series of emails conducted over the last few days  mostly in the subject line with a new email for each response. This is getting good but I have to bow out. Have fun reading this and hit up your local bike shop to get sponsored first. I am posting this so you get the idea of  what I deal with on a daily basis. Get your sponsor-me info legit and dialed then hit up your favorite company. -Chad D
-Hey my name is t***** , I am trying to get on a team that's all .i live in s******* TN .if its fine with yal I will send some videos of me .just email me let me know
Thanks for the request to get on a team. That is a pretty vauge way of saying you want to get sponsored by anyone. Yes I will take a look but from this wacky ass email I am not sure what I am going to get in return...so here goes, send me some links or your dopest edit you got and why we should sponsor you.
-Hey .msg me at **********@gmail.com
You want me to message you or email you and which address and should I just respond like you do in the subject line? Show me some videos, email the link to me.
-Alright thank you im going to record videos tonight's and edit them tomorrow. I really would like to be at least on a flow team. It would it mean alot to me I like riding alot and I am trying to be someone if life , just have fun ridding my bike
Why do you reply in the subject line? You write like your from Russia.
-And no I am from the USA lol
Your whole email is in the subject line. I get it but spelling is awful. So you can film a whole edit tonight then show me tomorrow? Love to see it and would be impressed with a one night edit that usually takes months or years.
How old are you and where you from.
-I am 15 about to be 16 in may ,I am from Tennessee I live in s*****ville ,I was in n***ville ,seen some guy that rides for yal that's what made me won't to be on the team he was really good
Is his name Shawn?
-Yea that's one them there was two of them
-Two humans? He rides the good shit. Maybe you need to talk to him to straighten your life out. Are there good drugs in TN?
-Oh my bad I did mean to rite in the subject line
You still in school or home school?
-I don't do drugs man and what you mean ?
Back on the subject line again huh.Who put you up to this fucking with me. I think it's funny, good laugh, appreciate  it.Have Shawn hit me up, he's crazy like I hear TN is.
-In school but my mom told me if I get on a team I am going get home school
-What you talking about?aint this Deco bikes
Yes it is. What you talking about?
-Are you from deco
Yes, you are emailing chad@decobmx.com and getting a response right? (To Be Continued)...

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