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Stacked with what you need. Read up and weep. Count it as another great week for #DecoBMX @DecoBMX. Enjoy. -Chad D

DecoBMX July August 2015

DecoBMX July August recap of our instavids we posted. Here is the order of appearance and how you can follow these dudes. Thanks. Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot, Matt Closson @mattclosson Karl Poynter @karlqpoynter @thevoid_ Tim Knoll @timknollbmx Terry Adams @terryadamsbmx Matt Coplon @matt_coplon Tom Villarreal @tomvillarreal Mat Olson @matuptobat Adam Baker @adambaker11 Thomas Noyer @thomasnoyer RideBMX @ridebmx Tsutomu Kitayama @tsutomukitayama Mannie Nogueira @mannienogueira @profile_racing @decobmx #decobmx Find out more info call 407-790-4964 email and buy now
MATT CLOSSON as seen on @bluntedathletics Matt handled this crazy tires in DNV twice just for good measure @mattclosson FOREVER ROLLING DVD DROPPING SEPT 17TH @ridebmx NORA CUP 2015 photo: @zanimal58 COPLON HIGHUP ON TREYS WALL Congrats to Mannie at Real City Spin getting 2nd in expert and all the riders including Dub who put on one hell of an event. Mannie had to get a flight to London so Rick Mac stepped in as a stunt double. received_873551336063159 JOSH EILKEN @maderabmx @jbinobmx perfect fakie Ruben wall in sunny Arizona. Shot by @thedevinfeil IMG_0014   MATT CLOSSON as seen on @bluntedathletics Matt handled this crazy tires in DNV twice just for good measure @mattclosson FOREVER ROLLING DVD DROPPING SEPT 17TH @ridebmx NORA CUP 2015 photo: @zanimal58 Matt Closson dub tires long square rail blntd This is a cool pic of the Deco pool from last year. Lot of people have had sessions in here and numerous memories and tricks have gone down. This one Trey Jones with his dog Jesco following close behind as appearing in a French magazine thanks to Gervais. treypool1200270   MATT COPLON as seen on @matt_coplon The dog days of summer @spottampa Down-side-ice sans leg. 7:06pm on Tuesday. Thanks to @scgsteve for the pic and thanks to #skateparkoftampa for 22 years of good times. @profile_racing Coplon downside one foot grind   TSUTOMU KITAYAMA as seen on @tsutomukitayama Jumping to steam roller at realcityspin! pics by @yungkiedis thanks! New JACKPOT frame will be available in the USA next week. Tsutomu hop real city pic   THIMAS NOYER as seen on @thomasnoyerWould loved so much pull this one during my run at @realcityspin last we! Next time I hope! Thanks to Justine LR for the pic! Chad DeGroot early morning sesh...I noticed my tires wearing away but also leaving some black rainbows to easily be washed away by the rain. This was one of two spots that during each session the marks pile up. The hot cement grips my tires perfect but makes tires wear down and the sessions are short due to my body leaking fluids. I need to get a real good pic of this from above but for now enjoy this. #flatland #bmx #tireart#artartcutafart @decobmx #bmxisfun#decobmx #profilezcoaster @profile_racing Chad Shadow tire marks target NOW AVAILABLE IN USA as of September 11th (only 8x left...hit me if you want to lock one in Tsutomu Kitayam's signature JACKPOT frame: Here are the specs on his frame and more info LINK HERE: 75 degree headtube 71 seat tube 13" chainstay 7” STANDOVER HEIGHT Sizes: 18.9",  19.5", and 20"TT 14mm dropout slots 11.85 BB height Removable 990 tabs Spanish Bottom Bracket Integrated seatpost clamp BUILT IN through the middle Chain tensioners Heat treated head tube, spanish BB shell, and drop outs COLORS: Matte Army Green, Raw Clear Gold, and Raw Clear Blue Weight: 1.85 kg or 4lbs. 8oz. MSRP $339.99  Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.57.51 PM "My first signature frame 'JACKPOT' arrived to me just now!" unnamed


Moment of ZEN treypool1200270 www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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