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It's Friday and you know what that means? Maybe your new to this so let me explain how one post is done weekly and usually up for grabs on Friday. Now you know. Where is the beer? Little help. Start...congrats to Tsutomu, on fire this year with another win, this time Real Toughness in Japan for Gshock. I did peep an edit but was not able to post it yet, its pretty legit and with as much style as you have seen from him. Facebook vids, yes, more of those from Chad and Mat and to top it off a Kerry Gatt Genius bars promo. Mr. Filth checks in on a forklift. When an era comes to an end you need to throw a jam right? Find out more below. And if you just want to show people tricks and win prizes go to Wisconsin...check the flyer. The shocka gets thrown at sundown, and why not? Is there a bad time of day for this? Why do I keep asking you questions? Maybe you have some for me? Have a good weekend playas and keep it real, you know what I mean? -Chad D
CONGRATS TO TSUTOMU for winning the Gshock real toughness in Japan. AND the final battle... Chad DeGroot riding off his roof to the Deco pool, testing them parts underwater. ?#decobmx ?#chadknowsdeco Kerry Gatt Genius bars promo...ohhhhh shit New Project from kerry gatt on Vimeo. Mustache Mat... Summer Adventures @ Fair Park Tremaine Stewart representing Pusher BMX backwards pivot mannie to whip ?#decobmx ?#tremaineknowsdeco ?#coloradeco "Genius bars are so dope" -Chad D Backwards one foot mannie to pivot bar out. No scuff, new school...frayed ends of sanity, 3 the hard way... Chad D pivot to hitch to bar out. 1st time ride out style. No scuff style. ?#decobmx ?#chadknowsdeco Mr. Filth getting dirty on the lift with this whip care of WWW.IRIEAZPHOTO.COM #johnnyknowsdeco This spot is attached to DecoBMX headquarters in Longwood Florida, this spot, not Deco, is being torn down on the 22nd and there is a jam on and around this spot Saturday 20th at 5pm ?#?florideco? ?#?missthisspot? ?#?bmx? @mrbikesnboards @chaddegroot 950 w. sr 434 Longwood Florida If your in the Wisconsin area and like to do tricks, hit up this event that Dan Sieg is putting on. Were sending up some fine ass Deco goods to help support. Address of the event is: Park Falls Hockey Arena 301 3rd ave. north Park Falls, Wi  54552 and you can email Dan for more info here: or Shocka at sunset by Tsutomu by MCOB pic And your moment of ZEN with the american flag flying high Mat Olson mustache whip...pic by Dusty Welch  

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