Red Bull Mini Drome Orlando

FIXED-GEAR CYCLISTS SPIN, CRASH, AND TRIUMPH AT THE FIRST EVER U.S. RED BULL MINI DROME More than 1200 People Pack the House and Watch in Awe as 85 Bikers take to the World’s Smallest Velodrome August 26, 2011 – ORLANDO – It was a thrilling night at Firestone Live as an enthusiastic audience watched in baited breathe for more than five hours as 85 fixed-gear cyclists tested their skills (and tried not to fall off the track) at the first ever Red Bull Mini Drome to hit the states. Measuring at 46 ft. x 24 ft. with a 48° incline at the 8 ft. high end banking, even the most veteran riders had trouble mastering this one-of-a-kind velodrome. But it was newcomer, Addison Zawada from Jacksonville, who took top honors with his fastest lap coming in at 39.421 seconds. “This is so fun!” exclaims Addison. “I can’t believe something like this exists. I just love to ride my bike and really started getting into fixed-gear for the last month or so. I’m so happy I won.” Joining Addison on the winner’s podium were Ronnie Govoruhk in second place with a fastest lap time of 43.677 seconds and BMX legend and crowd favorite Chad DeGroot placing third at 43.6 seconds. “I’ve never raced something like this before,” explains Chad. “I had a ton of support from the crowd tonight and I’m just happy to be a part of it.” At Red Bull Mini Drome skill, speed, balance, and braves were brought together on this steep, shrunken down version of the traditional velodrome. With track speeds exceeding 30 mph, it was one of the most challenging and treacherous thrill rides to hit the fixed-gear scene. PEDDLE FASTER For starters, a fixed-gear (more affectionately known as a fixie) is a bicycle in its purest, simplest form-- no gears and sometimes no brakes. Often considered the ultimate marriage between man and machine, a sub-twenty-pound piece of machinery is the only thing separating your body from the hard, unforgiving ground below.  The next Red Bull Mini Drome will be held in Montreal, Canada. Red Bull Mini Drome from sumyungguy on Vimeo.

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