Resume for sponsorship?

If your sponsored, good. If not and  you want to be, read this very carefully, this guy could be on any team with info like this. He has the looks that most big companies are lacking. I lost the video of him riding, but I will get it up asap.
Hello all, I am Pracktaj, a 13 year old boy from india.  Many people think that my cycling skills are something to rave about much like my body hair.  I beleev that this people is rite and should be most excitable when my cycling is witnessed.  I've bean cycling for years now and can walk my cycle further then most of other village people around I live.  As you'll realise from my email address, I enjoy marijuana and fornication.  It is my opinion that fornication is more adickting then the marijuana is and for this reason i have to shave my entire grundle area to fuck.  Please sponser me so that real American women can no what enjoymnet can cum from fucking the Pracktaj.  In my country the will call me the Pracktajogist because I stay all up in yo ass.  Thanks be to you for your times.
If that won't get you on a team, what will? send some comments over if you can top that resume. werewolf-boy-resume

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