Riders on the storm

There is a whole ton of stuff going on in this pic. First off I'm real happy I took it since its really hard to fumble with your camera trying to get it ready while driving. It only took one try and this one is sensational. Ready, here we go. What do you see here? At first glance its two humans on a hot rod. Yes you are correct, but better yet its two dudes in sandals riding a hog. By the receeding hair line you know this isn't the first rodeo they have been to. Where are they going or are they just showing off their shit? I'm sure they are being safe cause you can see the pitchers hands holding onto the catcher but he also has back support from the seat rest. Is this doubling down? Then my hand comes into the pic from the reflection in my window. And that sums it all up, a thumbs down not even trying. Or if you look into it closer it could be a man log dangling down. Either way I am down for dudes riding hogs in sandals while I sit inside a nice AC mini van taking pics. Thanks boys, keep it real. Its hard not to.

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