James Hurley lost his battle to Cancer. It was a rare form that he tried to fight, but after he though he took control by loosing his arm, it spread really fast. James was a biker that we first met at Mission skatepark. Always happy and willing to bring kids to the skatepark. He even built a quarter pipe in front of his house for everyone to ride. He could do airs, nose picks, and session like everyone else. He helped Mission out by installing a new AC unit and letting us do payments, also giving us a deal cause we supported bikes and the scene. When we moved to start Mesh Skatepark, he was there everyday till the job was how we wanted it. Every time we would call about service, he would send someone asap. It was crazy. His crew still run his business and I would suggest them first for any AC or heating needs. They are just good people. Standard Air. Look them up. So one day James comes into Mr. B's without his left arm. We didn't know what to say or do. He was joking and messing around like it didn't matter. Wanted us to put the fake arm in its spot and take a pic. (see below) A few weeks later I received a text saying that the cancer spread and he doesn't have much time. Well I never saw him again. He wanted to say his good byes, make the funeral plans, hang with his family, and just accept its going to happen fast. He did his last days at his own way. He could have lived longer but decided that he didn't want to be able to take care of himself on his last leg, so his decision was to let the cancer take him quickly. He didn't want everyone to suffer and take care of him. To see his face that day was amazing to see someone dying and still trying to put smiles on our faces. The only crappy thing he said was, he wasn't going to be able to ride his bike or  scuba. He loved his bike and love to explore in underwater caves. Even became an instructor. Enjoyed life to its fullest. Good dude. Helped us a lot. But more importantly showed us that smiling is the best medicine. RIP jameshurley1jameshurley3

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