sad people, deco license plates, free stickers if?

This photo says a lot and means a lot. Here it goes, I will explain. The guy to the left, we call him "stoops" short for stupid. He runs a company called Jug Bikes, similar to Chris Duncan Clothing. Pretty much not going anywhere fast. He has worked for every fast food chain, and as you can see by his hat he now works for Taco Bell, with bride. He knows the menu, he eats there, he jacks off in the bathroom daily. Jug has a problem of talking you into getting something you have. He is pretty good at it. Probably why he prays on women. They have small brains, its a fact. Jug, Stoops also has myspace account with all his team riders listed on it, your name probably is there as well, but spelled wrong. Next is black douche bag wonder. You see him in the front with white teeth. This guy I instantly knew was a shit bag cause he wanted something from me. He has twenty chains around his neck, and more accessories than a normal black person would wear. See him, stay away from him. Then there is me. Sponsor hungry after all these years and shitting out a Failure cruiser. Thanks Beard!!! Fuck it osp freaks Thanks to all our sponsors for the OSP bmx jam this past saturday...soo many prizes. All the kids had boners. deco license plate Guess how many cig butts that have burned this garbage can and I will send you a Deco sticker pack...holla cig garbage can I love crack heads

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