SC profile trip

There are a lot of pics on this post. Some of you might like that, most won't. When your on the road, you find the weird shit amusing. We all had a lot of time on our hands, so we kept using our phone app called Pano. No, no Porno, PANO. Porno doesn't need an app I don't think. Does it? Thanks to Matt, Profile, and Danny for a sweet trip. This first pic is funny. I needed a bed to sleep on, so an easy cheap way was to get a blow up mattress. This one was easy cause the girl on it is hot... Profile trip 33 If your on Twitter, hit me up CHADBACOMESH. There is a tab that lets you see nearby tweets in your area. This is some girl in our neighborhood who posts nudes a lot... Profile trip 32 This guy fell asleep playing that game Kobudo or some shit. Passed out...gotta love business. Profile trip 31 This is the #1 pic of the trip. Jeff K gave me this and said "doesn't this look like Tony Malouf?" Would you? Profile trip 30 The house we stayed at was sweet minus the dog shit...this ramp was out back...pretty nice. Profile trip 29 This was the crew. Jeff K's head is real thin, Matt's neck is real thin, larry is looking the wrong way, and myself...shit, just tough. Profile trip 27 Dogs killed the house everyday. Ate everything and shit everywhere. Profile trip 25 Jeff would not stop eating cheese...his quote "I am from wisconsin" Profile trip 24 Not sure what is going on here.  The party was mostly inside, but and easy way to get outside was through the window. Profile trip 23 Danny, thanks for letting us stay... Profile trip 22 More dog shit. Profile trip 20 I love expired sandals, specially when cigs garnish them. Profile trip 17 Dogs had a session. Funny thing was they only ate carpet and fake plants to produce this mess. Profile trip 16 The shit was everywhere. Was almost a common thing each day. We had to wear shoes at all times in the  house. Profile trip 15 The culprit Profile trip 14 More cheese. Profile trip 12 Pano of the ramp. Profile trip 10 Pano in the van 360 degree shot Profile trip 9 This spot was sweet. Bank to shit pipe. Profile trip 7 Mark with sass Profile trip 6 Not sure what Mark is doing here. Profile trip 5 The last night the dogs got loose and tore up the upstairs then shit some more. Profile trip 4 This is what the stores look like in SC, 40 heaven Profile trip 3 On acid at the airport Profile trip 2 The future? Profile trip 1

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