Sietse van Berkel - my Master of Creativity videos 2016 - 2020 ( BMX flatland )

Sietse van Berkel - my Master of Creativity videos 2016-2020 Master of creativity (MOC), founded by Martti Kuoppa in 2016, is an online BMX flatland video contest in the search of the most progressive riders worldwide. With the main focus on hard tricks, creativity and ‘never been done’ tricks MOC is pushing riders worldwide. You just need your BMX and a camera. I’ve participated since then every year in a way. So during these years it had a big influence on my riding in proces and outcome. This video contains my entries during these years. I think it’s nice to see the development of some tricks as well. Hope you like it. 2016: First year of MOC. Joined without a plan. Made it to round 2, didn’t make it to finals. I remember is was so stoked to see so many (relatively unknown) riders killing it. 2017: First year of experimenting with halfpacker on the pedal. Got 2nd place in round 2 with that trick, couldn’t imagine achieving this placing a contest like this. Pulled a short one handed version I finals after way too many tries / sessions. Pushed myself a little bit too hard to pull this trick I’ve had in mind, which made it not so much fun after a while. Felt more like a relief after pulling it. Placed 5th place in finals. 2018: Last second decision to join MOC. Decided to only go only for one or few session / freestyle tricks, since I remembered I focussed a bit too hard on this one handed trick I had in mind for 2017 final. This one session / stressless tricks worked out well for the first 2 rounds. So a big contrast compared to the process in 2017. With the news I’ve placed for finals I’ve started thinking about what to do. And focussed on pulling that trick instead of ‘freestyle’. Pulled the no handed version in a few days on tape. Won the finals with that trick. 2019: Had the honour to judge MOC. 2020: Actually decided to not join MOC after winning in 2018. During the Covid period I realized I liked the proces of creating a lot. I’ve had a few things in mind I wanted to pull. So a last second decision to join MOC again, and try to pull the tricks without too much pressure and stress and share them via MOC. Struggling a bit with injuries (see the flamingo elbow in the video), but managed to pull some new variations during these sessions. Challenged myself to do different techniques (pivot, no footed, pedal switch, no handed). Placed 2nd place in finals. Happy about the proces and outcome. Thank you Martti, all riders and judges during these years! Check out @masterofcreativity on FB or instagram, or Wanna see more of my riding: @sietsevanberkel Thank you Four Pegs BMX shop, DECO BMX, Moto Pedals and Koll3kt for the support! Shows / performance:

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