Skatepark of Longwood update

If you saw the new sign in front of Mr. B's saying "No skateboarding, no bicycling, no rollerskating" then you might have as many questions as we have. Our landlord had to post it due to some of the businesses complaining. This isn't the problem, just please stay away from the other businesses and you will be fine. The problem is, I sent a photo to all the city officials stating that we need a skatepark and there are signs in front of a skate/bike shop saying there is no riding. This was the reply:
Good Afternoon Mr. DeGroot, I am somewhat confused as to what skate park you are referring to that Longwood needs to finish.  We do not currently have a skate park under consideration/construction.  If you are referring to the Reiter Park location, a plan has already been approved that does not include a skate park (the soil is unstable and will not sustain the weight of the equipment or concrete for a skate park) and we unfortunately do not have any other property available that can accommodate a skate park. The equipment the City purchased several years ago is available for purchase and we would be most happy to sell it to you, if you so desire, for a location on private property.  Please contact Ms. Fran Meli, Leisure Services Director, for the specifics and price.
So after a serious conversation with a city commissioner, I do have more info concerning the Longwood skatepark. Apparently there is a majority vote that is taken up by two commissioners who are not for a skatepark. So this will make planning and finishing a skatepark almost impossible. They won't budge and expressed no interest in finishing or working on the Skatepark of Longwood. Unless we get private property and buy the ramps, this project is at a dead end. I have been working on this for over two years and have been worn down by the city. There has been a few officials that I truely like and have met with who have shown a ton of support and side with skaters and bikers for a place to ride. These individuals have gone up and beyond what they needed to do to help me out and answer questions concerning an area for a skatepark. This does not mean that Longwood will never have a skatepark, but I truely believe trying Altamonte Springs will be an easier and more attainable task. The reason I say this is cause we will have the support of a Longwood city commissioner to speak on our behalf once we contact the city of Altamonte Springs Adminstrator and ask what direction to take or go with starting a skatepark in Altamonte. He is on our side and knows officials in the city who can help. Thanks for reading this and I hope you will help support our movement towards Altamonte Springs. Please contact me and let me know if anyone will help contact the city of Altamonte Springs or the City Administrator and ask which direction to take this. Thanks, Chad DeGroot/Mr. B's

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