Skydiving with RB Air Force

So Red Bull does crazy stuff all the time with a lot of focus on planes and flights. Today was no exception. They were filming for an I-Max movie out in Sebastian Florida. The plane you see is an old 1951 sea plane, updated I assumed. Not sure how these things fly, or swim for that fact. Somehow they do. I have yet to land on water. Maybe next RB experience I will. The mechanics were have a ton of problems getting the engines to do what they wanted, I would assume that means run without stalling or making crazy noises. Check out the front of the plane, it has a bubble window that you can actually stick your head out for take off or landing. When I got a close look at it there was a hornet flying around stuck inside. So the next person who goes in there is in for a surprise. There was even a huge pillow for maximum comfort. The next scene they were going to film was to land in the causeway, the pilot and some of the Red Bull Air Force were to climb out on the wind and backflip off into the water, swim to the rubber boat, and cruise into shore. They told me about some other crazy stuff they were doing like going out on the top while in flight. There are doors and windows that open all over this thing. Some of the side windows even are bubbled so you can see better. Red Bull does it right. I can't wait to see this film. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"] I wish I could have gone up in this, but I did see if take off while we were skydiving. Jumping out of planes is something I could do everyday and these guys made it amazing and stress free. To see the RB plane take off and circle around while we were following it above was nuts. Then he let me steer the chute. It was way to easy. He shouldn't have done that, now I want to jump on my own. Overall it was amazing. If you have never jumped, give it a try. They said that after the Bucket List (old peoples movie) came out, they were flooded with 70 year old people all wanting to jump out of planes. Funny old people... Thanks to Pam at Red Bull, Mike who was doing flips in front of me during our drop, the RB Air Force, and Sebastian Skydive. Ohh  ya, I hope they got that hornet out of the bubble window. Who knows, it might be a good out take for the IMax movie.

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