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Been driving the same route on the way home from work for 17 years. Florida lights can be long to wait for so running some yellows happens. Only two occurrences let all the lights be green (well maybe a few yellows) and make the whole drive home without stopping once. This has happened twice now in 17 years. Twice. When it all lines up and works out is how this year has been. 2017 is almost at a red light but only moving forward into 2018. Check out NOLA sessions below, recap of NOV instaVids, and current vids from the crew and those #decobmx supporters. Keep it real and smell you next year. -Chad D Only two times all green lights home STORY “Friday, December 15th. Was on the verge of yanking my arms out of their sockets to get onto this rail. Safety in numbers at sketchy spots.” Thanks to @chiefeasy For the pic. - @matt_coplon - #bmx #decobmx @decobmx #nature #river Check out 8 minutes from November. Upcoming events:
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Clout @rangerjames_ #bmx #decobmx #mrbsshopcrew #maderabmx

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@tbonds69 Lil jib ?: @mexbmx #bmx #decobmx #pusherbmx #maderabmx #fijiboiz

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?? @tang_meng G-turn to wall. #BMX #decobmx #decojapan #tangmeng #Japan

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