Pool pics are cool pics + Deco. day coming soon

This pool is insane. It is so big and full of possibilities. These pics, care of James Covington, are just a sample. The pool is so big that the shallow end will never fill up with the Florida rain. So some quickrete action will be going down. Why wouldn't it? This first pic is a gap over the corner ladder and avoiding the crazy pole jam. Looks like I have  sweet pony tail action. Chad pool 1 This is a classic. The tranny was so tight it was hard as hell to get up der... Chad pool 2 180 the corner ladder and fell a couple times cause the filmer didn't get the clip. I fell on my thumb, dumb thumb now...feels real crappy. Chad pool 4 This is a pedal hang 5 in the shallow end. Trying to avoid the animal bones everywhere. The poor fellows would fall in the pool and not get out...bones everywhere. Boners all over to. Chad pool 3 If  you care to see more pics, CLICK HERE Deco day

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