Space bar and RB mini Drome

Who doesn't take pics with their phones? Idiots? Probably... Well this is pretty sweet, I submitted 15 pics of myself nude and they are going to show them off one night only. So if you want to see it, check it. Actually there are more than a few names you would notice showing off their shit, like Ron Bonner, Ryan Sher, and Chipp Riggs. If your in this area or rich as hell get a plane tic and stop by August 27th. We will be there with our beer exhaust faces rummaging around acting cool. Next, we have the Red Bull Mini Drome. This is going to be nuts as it gets. They asked me to compete, but I think just taking a few hot laps around while drinking a beer and in a thong would be more appropriate. If you want to check the video hit it up HERE. When you mess up you fall off the edge of the world. Soo good... The new order will be here on the 25th and we will be shipping shortly after, check out some pics HERE ... HERE ... and HERE. We have a bunch of new products, colors, and the Deco. dudes will be holla'n.

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