Longtime friend Mike Altz decided to throw a photo show with featured artist like Ron Bonner, Ryan Sher, Chipp Riggs, and numerous other local talents in SpaceBar which during the week is called Covert skate shop. Deal was these pics had to be taken by a cell phone and editing done solely in the cell phone. Great turn out, amazing pics, and finally got out of the house to chill with local homies in the Milk district near downtown Orlando. Happened on the Fix gear crew that was at the Red Bull Mini Drome as well. Guess PBR does a pub crawl every month, $1 tall boys at each stop. Who hates that? I have to get on that and I suggest you get on your bike and come out and meet us for the next one. Also, the SpaceBar photo gallery is going to happen 4 times a year. So get on that tip. Thanks to Tommy Mott, Mike Altz, and the crew of photographers to make it all happen. Good times as  you can see from the  pics below. It starts with the photo gallery, leads into the night, then ends with all my pics I submitted. Chickty check it son... -Chad The overview of SpaceBar AKA Covert. "We are open, we have beer, wine to" Ron Bon holding the door like a true gentleman. Chad DeGroot and his submissions. Cool face guy... The after party at Whisky Lo. JPR killing the Jameson or vice versa. Wally's is real famous, and it should be with how they pour your drink. The Bathrooms are something to see as well. Just don't lay down on the ground or... Mission Skatepark Sticker still going strong in Wally's. This is a challenge of all challenges. Upper deck this sucka. I tried. I even offered a $50 bounty. Here were my submissions. Coffee cup. Colors. Korean food. Hurry up and save. Korean hotel we stayed at. Win the lottery. This one is my favorite, "Market Crap" Miami. Miami pano. Backyard ramp. This one time. Jon Wells and PBR. Taiwan. Toilet. Gonna get snowed in.

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