SPOT Roast, Rickey, Deco. All Day

Its real hard to write words for someone who passed away. Glad to have known you, ridden with you, and supported  you through Mesh skatepark and MR. B's. RIP Rickey...and sorry for calling you "turd dick". I am pretty sure you didn't give a shit, but maybe we shouldn't have taken an ad out for that. Either way, you didn't give a shit. Respect for that...-Chad D
-Hit up the SPOT Roast in Tampa coming up next month. Deco. will be out there showing our shit off and maybe rolling around for a minute. See ya there. -The Two By Four/Deco. grassroots riders Eugene and Zach threw this edit together with a pretty funny intro. Thanks guys. Holla anytime. Zach and Eugene holding it down for Deco., the intro is pretty funny. Check it out. Profile Racing is now proudly distributing Deco. goods, so hit up PROFILE or email to get your shop all set up. If your looking for the V2 Succubus flatland frames or just want a smaller frame, hit up FLATLAND FUEL or our online STORE. Those are the only two places that have the V2's in stock now.

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