Starbucks names

If your like most humans, you drink coffee. Starbucks has some pretty tasty mud-water. Personally the Tall Vanilla Latte is my favorite and its very hard to stray. Whenever you order they ask for your name. I Started with "Chad", then it went to "Brett Favre", then just whatever came to mind. One day I asked if they had meat flavored coffee. The lady didn't know what to do. Sometimes if you make them laugh they will give you free coffee. So I had to give it a try. Then I told the lady that my name was "Meat". When she gave me my coffee, she asked if that was really my name. I told her my mom gave it to me and it wasn't short for anything. Not sure what Meat could be short for? Meatface? So I flashed my ID at her really fast and told her that is my name. She said it was a beautiful name and was a little embarrassed. Who names their kid "Meat"? So from then on I order with a new name each time. The first time I told them my name was "Meatspin" the guy gave me my coffee singing "You spin me right round". I  cried laughing. on. Sometimes free coffee, other times just a good laugh. "Meatspin" has the best reaction. Most everyone has seen that site now. If you have, your officially gay. meatspinbrettmeat spin againhuge cockhuge cock

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