Still on that ass

I was waiting in an office the other day. Some old dude came out with his wife, or mistress. As the receptionist asked him how he is doing I swear he said "I'm still on that ass". This is a problem my wife and me have. We think that other words would be funnier than the ones we hear daily. So we focus on that and its always funnier talking to people. So that aside, I really do think the old man said that. I am not making this shit up. It will be sweet being old cause you can be a dick and say anything. But when your old you don't know. Just like if you said it would be sweet to go back to high school now knowing what you know now. So these are my words of advice, act old, be a dick, and make up shit to make situations and conversations better. I have taken some amazing pics, but recently there has been nothing to take a pic of. That sounds like crap and is. So I decided to go out and take a few pics of real people in real situations. This can be tough if you suck at it. Try taking a strangers pic without getting your ass beat. It really isn't hard if you know what your doing, shit, you don't even have to ask. This first pic was to good to be true. Let me tell you how I see it through my eyes. This Kwik Mart is really sketchy even during the day. So I really wanted the sign in the corner to make it clear where the pic was done. The two people on the left are wearing blankets or snuggies. The lady in the snuggie or tarp is talking to the other lady about how if you think your pregnant your body will start acting like your pregnant. Either they are doing this to make money off some fools who stuck it and filled it up or they are really crazy and want meaningful conversation out front the Kwik Mart. The two other ladies are slobs and can't stop texting while the tarp lady talks to them. All of this is happening while one of their kids is hanging out of the sunroof eating a huge piece of bread. That is my favorite part. I took about ten pics till I got this one. They knew I was there pointing a camera at them. This pic is sad yet everyone has seen this. If you haven't, you don't shop in the right area of town. Notice the sign "$2.59 4 pack 16 oz. cans". I would have bought this dude that deal if he didn't have the other 3 cans of his 4 pack under his mint white cowboy hat next to his brand new recycle grocery bag. This might be a better angle to show the satire I want the photo mean. This was a gamble shot, but how could I loose. It was these two humans facing me, two pics later I got this. Just a little bit of satire. I cropped it to show the "Hurry & save up to $1500" sign meaning these two humans are in a hurry. Lastly, go out someday and try to take pics of people without their phones slammed to their face. Don't forget to leave some comments below. We had to start all over and do it legit way. But please leave it, I read them all.

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