Succumb to the Succubus

What’s so good about the Succubus is what it’s not. Highly attractive and willing to suck the flatland right out of you. Don’t refuse it, let it happen, and may all your dreams come true. This frame will draw energy to sustain itself. It may even suck the flatland right out from your dreams. Succumb to the Succubus. 19? Top Tube Length 13? Rear end 75 Head tube 71 Seat tube Weight: TBA 14mm dropouts, removable 990’s, built in Allen chain tensioners Colors: Metal Blue, Metal Orange Here are the samples, they came out amazing. The production models will be here later this year. Stay tuned. DECO Flatland V2 frame -4 The Trade mark Deco. badge will be on the production models. DECO Flatland V2 frame -6 This frame is flatland specific, but there are some smaller riders who want to  have a solid bike, just smaller. This is for you. Also, extra tire room for you street dawgs, will fit 2.3 comfortably. DECO Flatland V2 frame -5 Removable tabs, rounded chainstays, mid BB, plus a bigger triangle for strength. Were not doing wild bends, just clean and simple. DECO Flatland V2 frame -3 This is Raw, they will come painted Metal Orange and Metal Blue. Otherwise they sell spray paint in stores, tons of nice colors...holla

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